2019. június 18., kedd

Green skirt from leftover fabric

I quite often alter clothes for my sister. I take her dresses in, repair zippers, hem pants, etc. Last Summer she bought a maxi dress for one of her friends' wedding. Although the maxi dress looked perfect on her, she decided to shorten it (the sewing was made by a professional seamstress, because my sewing machine was in maintenance.) The dressmaker gave her back the leftover fabric, but my sister didn't need it, so it was given to me. The leftover fabric was enough to make a new skirt!

The making wasn't difficult- it seems I never make difficult sewing projects :D I pleated the fabric, sewed it, then I sewed the fabric and the lining together.

Pleating the fabric
Sew the pleated fabric and the lining together
I added a waistband with belt loops and a hidden zipper. The skirt was ready!
The front side of the skirt
the backside of the skirt with zipper

2019. június 11., kedd

Pleated Skirt Refashion

Another from-dress-to-skirt refashion! Haha, I've made a lot of skirt from dresses. I love dresses, but sometimes they don't work for me, mostly because of the tops... Before I throw something out I try to figure out how could I still use it. The most obvious way is altering. Sometimes I alter the whole dress, but it's easier to cut off the upper part of it, and just leave the skirt. Also I can fit more clothes to a skirt, and create more varied outfits, so a skirt is more usable for me.

The original form of the dress was like this:

I didn't wear this dress often, because the waistline was too high. I didn't like the mixed pattern on the top of the dress either. And somehow it was strange that the skirt was pleated but the top was not...

The sewing was similar to this refashion, except I added a zipper. Maybe I will alter the waistline later, and add belt loops, though it's fine without them.

I don't have too much patterned skirts, so I really like it now. It looks great with single-colored tops. Usually I don't have occasions to take photos outside, so I took these at my apartment with my phone. The pics have law quality, but I wanted to post this skirt anyway :)

This Saturday we visited my cousin's family. There was a poppy field nearby, so I had the opportunity to snap some photos of the skirt.

2019. június 5., szerda

Romantic Skirt Sewing

I usually alter my clothes, but I don't sew entirely new clothes very often. Except a few occasions, like this half-circle skirt and this DIY pet coat, this Summer dress, this blouse, and of course my DIY bags - see them at the end of this post. I didn't use a pattern for this skirt, but it wasn't difficult to sew. 

The basic shape was a rectangular. I used ~2*76 cm wide, ~50 cm long fabric, and 2*6 cm wide fabric for waistband. I measured the circumference of my waist, then made the pleats. 
The structure of the pleats from the wrong side of the fabric. The broken line marks the sewing.
The pleats of the skirt
I added lining and tulle for better shape:
The three layers of the skirt
I added a wider waistband with hidden zipper and buttons. 
The waistband, the zipper and the buttons

My other original sewing projects on Instagram:

2019. május 31., péntek

Terracotta Skirt refashion

I bought a dress on sale from C&A two years ago. It had strange strap + off-shoulder sleeve combo. I didn't like it, so I altered the dress. I simply sewed the sleeves to the straps, so I got a nice sleeved dress for fall. Unfortunately the waistline got higher, and anyway, it was strange somehow. I only wear it one time, than I passed it to my twin sister. I don't know if she wore it ever, but somehow the dress ended up with me again. 
This was the No.1. altered version of the dress.
I only have this lame pic how the dress looked on me.
I can't use it as a dress, but I liked its color, so I transformed it into a skirt- as you can get used to it :D 

The sewing wasn't so hard. I cut the fabric higher than the waist line. I cut of the original rubber band from the waist. Then I sewed a wider rubber band to the waist. I folded the spare fabric to the rubber band, so it's not visible. 

I think I successfully made another basic piece for my wardrobe!
The bag is self made, you could see it on my Instagram.

2019. május 27., hétfő

DIY skirt from a blouse

I had this blouse (pic below) for many years. It was way too big than my size, but I loved the color-combo. I used to love wearing over-sized clothes, but nowadays I rather go with fitted pieces. So that's why I decided to refashion this top. Please note, that I made this altering two years ago, I just didn't have time blogging about it.  

The blouse was so wide I couldn't make it smaller, so I decided to make a skirt instead. I didn't have pics about the process, but it wasn't difficult. First I cut off the ruffle and the straps. Then I made darts on the fabric to fit for my waist. I made a waistband as well from the ruffle. I sew them together, and I also added lining and a zipper. See? It was easy! 

2019. május 20., hétfő

DIY muumuu refashioning

I've thrifted this dress in the local brick-a-brack shop. It's original shape was sooooo muumuu like (otthonka in Hungarian), but it has a gorgeous pattern, and it was so cheap, only 100 HUF (circa 0,32 EUR). So I bought it!
You can see how bigger was the dress on the pic above. Using a fitting dress to make pattern is the easiest way. 
First I cut the dress into two pieces. It was easier to make darts on the upper part of the dress, and I didn't want to lose the flowiness of the skirt.
I altered the sleeves too, and as well the collars (I cut them off).
I really liked the lace-hem, but it didn't go well with the dress, so I cut it off. The final step was button-sewing. Yay, I was ready!
I wear the dress for the first time on this Saturday at Római Part (‘Roman Embankment’), which is a very fun place in Budapest. It's next to the Danube, there are a lot of eatery, so you can eat fried fish and drink beer, while enjoy the beautiful panorama and the bohemian atmosphere of the area.

Many thanks for my friend, Brigitta for the photos!

I've altered this dress again, because its sleeves were not so compatible with the Summer weather :) Now it looks like this: