2015. december 31., csütörtök

Our Christmas and plans for the future

Another year has ended, blah blah. I try to avoid talking in cliches in this "End of the year" post. First of all I'll have to apologize. I've been a very lazy blogger recently. I promised I will publish new post on every week, but I can't keep it. I don't have time, and when I would have I don't feel like writing. I don't want to give up my blog, but I'm thinking a lot about its future. Making a DIY post is a long process to me. I have to take photos while making the project, edit them if needed, write descriptions and steps, translate it, etc. I don't even have a proper camera, I take photos with my smart phone :/
I find a lot of inspirations on Pinterest and on DIY blogs. I think that's why some of my DIY projects are very similar to others' works (of course, I always indicate, if I use somebody's work to make mine). Maybe there's no point making a post about how to sew something, if you can find several other posts with the topic. I could save energy, if I won't do that. So I'll show you my works on Facebook, but not here. And I will keep the blog to my own projects. 

I also want you to show my family's Christmas in this post. We took a lot of pictures, I selected the bests for you. I think making your own decorations and gifts, etc., helps you to get ready spiritually for the holidays- and we had so much fun doing them!

There was a charity fair at the mall in Eger. You could buy teddybears (and some other stuffed animals) to support the local ambulance station. Here is my teddy
Aquarell paintings and graphics on my wall.

A small Picea Glauca on my desk

DIY knitted pillows from an old sweater and a scarf.

My window is on a festive mood in my apartment 
Rustic Christmas at home
DIY Chalkboard and gold elephants.

My faux trophy from last year.

Gifts for my colleagues- A package contained a notebook and a binder clip in similar colors, a self-made felted ornament, and a szaloncukor.

"Traditional" Christmas koala- one of our cute animal shaped cookie cutters.

Mushroom shaped nut cracker.

Cookies :)

Ready to eat!

We didn't want to make this poor angel scary...

... neither this 4 eyed piggy, it just happened :)

A much more friendlier snowman. 

Charity lamb from Eger.

My sister has been gifted with a new board game. We had so much fun playing with this :)

Our poor Christmas tree. It's a little bit wry and thin,
but its scent is amazing. 

Ready for Christmas Eve dinner. King prawns, salmon with salad, and a cheese plate were on the menu this year. And good wines, of course! 

I wish you a happy, sparkling new year!